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What does IMS stand for?

Get to know the IMS, an Internet Marketing System

The IMS – Internet Marketing System – is a standard model of marketing strategy, and is adopted by companies that seek to have their website on Google’s first page as a result of an Organic Search.

It is idyllic for the professional who search the internet for your service and are in search of something safe.

This set of strategies follows the parameters of the W3C and Google, enhancing your website’s relevance, in an effective and constant way, with no additional costs.

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Meet IMS, Internet Marketing System

IMS is an essential strategy for the company wishing a cost-effective, a responsive website and a safe navigation, in addition to a quality service that meets its expectations.

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How it works

Summary of how the IMS works

Check out the summary of how the Internet Marketing System service do works.


People have a need to consume products and/or services on a daily basis routine.


This necessity is expressed through the search for products or services on Google.


With SEO techniques, your website will appear first on Google ́s search by these people through your keywords.


Why your website must meet IMS Quality’s features


A responsive website is a flexible website that automatically adapts to any type of device, whether cell phones, notebooks, tablets or computers, where all items are organized harmoniously.

It is essential that your site is responsive so that you can capture more customers and offer a great user experience, as well as responsive sites increase their relevance and be suitable for search engines such as Google.

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