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Instagram Paid Ad

Instagram Paid Ad

Being one of the most used social networks, along with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is also an amazing platform for companies and brands that want to promote their products and services. The entire dynamics and structure of Instagram supports the consumption of images and videos, whether in the feed or throughout the stories. As a result, Instagram paid ad is a constructive and realistic alternative for those who want to increase their sales and revenue. Should you be interested and want to know more about Instagram paid ad, continue reading so to learn a little more about this tool and comprehend how Quality IMS are able to assist you in the development of monetised link campaigns and other Digital Marketing tools and resources.

Meet Quality IMS, a company specializing in Instagram paid ad and other social networks!

With more than a decade of experience, Quality IMS is a company specialized in Digital Marketing, with a proper trained and certified professionals for the development of monetised link campaigns, which include Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ads and Instagram paid ad. In addition to that, it is important to emphasize that Quality IMS not only bases its work on the organic positioning of websites based on SEO techniques, but also develops intuitive and responsive layouts, based on UX and UI principles, among other activities.

What are the benefits of Instagram paid ad?

The Instagram paid ad is an efficient and optimized method of promoting products and/or services for brands and companies, since the placement of ads in traditional media such as radio and TV entangles a considerable cost, which is not affordable for advertising companies, whether small or medium size. Furthermore, in TV and radio commercials it is not possible to segment the target audience: everyone who is watching will be “hit” with your advertising.

In the case of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads and Instagram paid ads, it is possible to segment the target audience very closely and assertively, delineating geographic and demographic data such as age group, gender, education, location, common interests, among others that will narrow down even further and maximizing the amount invested in the campaign.

Count on a specialized company when you need Instagram paid ad, count on Quality IMS!

Sure enough, in order to efficiently carry out an Instagram paid ad campaign, it is important to have a specialized company, with years of experience in the market and which has already managed campaigns for more than 500 clients in the B2B and B2C segments, as is the case, as it happens with Quality IMS.

If you want more information about the work and services provided by Quality IMS, contact us via chat or WhatsApp: our consultants are ready to help you!

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