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Increase Online Sales

Increase Online Sales

Want to increase online sales and don't know how? Then read this article and learn a little more about the mechanisms behind Google and social networks that can put your brand or company under the spotlight, aiding to increase your sales and revenue.

Increasing online sales is the aspiration of all brands and companies, especially in adverse contexts such as the pandemic and the closing of trade, where the virtual environment becomes the only source of entry for new customers and prospects. In this way, it is necessary to understand the functioning of Google search engines, monetised link campaigns and social media management.

How to increase online sales, after all?

There are different tools that can be used when thinking about increasing online sales, and one of them is the organic search. Based on positioning your website pages on the first page of Google grounded on the search for important keywords that are related to your business and segment, organic search is centred on SEO principles, which are optimization techniques for the search engine. search.

One thing that a lot of people don't know is that Google has a kind of “manual of appropriated behaviour on the web”, which websites and blogs must comply with in order to be properly positioned in the organic ranking. Organic search holds no relation to a monetised link campaign, which consists of paying for specific keywords for a certain time on the first page: the organic search is based on the positioning of your website on the first page spontaneously, as demonstrated on its denomination. The natural outcome of all of this will be the possibility to increase online sales.

In addition to the organic search, monetised link campaigns are important allies for those who want to increase online sales!

Another instrument to increase online sales are monetised link campaigns, which can be done in Google Ads or in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn: in this scenario, you will buy a space on the first page for a certain period, in which the ad will be broadcast, with a pre-established cost and reach.

Both strategies can contribute and increase online sales, but they also have their pros and cons: the monetised link is ideal for those who want short-term results, since the placement has a pre-defined period; on the other hand, it has a higher cost compared to organic search. Organic positioning work, in turn, usually brings results in the medium term, since Google takes an average time to index and rank pages. However, it got a more advantageous cost-effective in the medium and long term.

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