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Google Ads Service

Google Ads Service

When browsing a website or clicking on a video on YouTube, you have surely come across an advertisement, whether at the beginning, middle and/or end of the consumed content. Although it can be annoying at times, ads help keep content free, as services at no-cost version are maintained by the value of ad revenue.

For companies, ads and monetised link campaigns in general are important allies in their digital strategies, as they help to increase brand visibility, or leverage sales of a particular product, which is why the Google Ads service is so necessary for the growth of your business.

Count on the Quality IMS social media team when you need Google Ads service

With that in mind, Quality IMS started its work in the market more than a decade ago, and has become a company specialized in digital marketing strategies that offers Google Ads service and several others that can increase the visibility of its products on the Internet. Consequently, the Google Ads service, combined with other digital marketing strategies, can also contribute to increase your company's revenue. Having this in mind is, count on a company considered as a positive reference in the market and that has already partnered with more than 500 B2B customers. and B2C.

As far as the Google Ads service is concerned, it refers to Google's monetised link campaign, that allows you to create ads based on the purchase of certain keywords that are interesting to your business.

When a user searches for the term or for a related keyword, he will be able to find your site among the first results, massively improving its visibility on search engines. Google Ads is easily recognized because, in addition to being among the first results, it comes with a message to the left of the title describing that it is a monetised ad.

Understand the advantages of hiring the Google Ads service with Quality IMS:

The Google Ads service presents excellent outcomes when considering short-term visibility, since the ad is served for a predetermined period. In addition to that, it is possible to segment the target viewers and define geographic and demographic characteristics, such as age group, gender, social class, education, among other relevant data to reach the desired audience.

In addition to the Google Ads service, it is interesting to work on other digital marketing strategies, such as the organic search, which consists of positioning your website on the first page of Google at no cost per click, 24 hours a day and throughout Brazil. Contact Quality IMS and learn more!

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