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Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads Campaign

Google is the world's leading search engine and has been optimizing, year after year, its search tools and engines, so as to provide the best experience for users, avoiding spam, websites with viruses and malware that could harm security and navigability. Considering the importance and trust of users in the search engine, it has also become an excellent platform for ads for brands, products and/or services, and the main way to promote yourself on Google is through the Google Ads campaign.

Curious and want to know more about how the Google Ads campaign operates? Keep reading to learn more about how monetised link campaigns work and understand how Quality IMS can help you to promote your brand's products and/or services, ensuring the best return on investment and contributing to increased sales!

Learn more about the Google Ads campaign and understand how it can boost your sales!

The Google Ads campaign is an important associate for anyone who wants to have their brand or company hit upon on the first page of Google by searching for related terms and keywords that are important to their business. Monetised link campaigns consist of the purchase of certain keywords within a pre-established period: when the user searches for that term, the link to your website appears among the first results, accompanied by an “ad” notice in the bar below the link.

Know the pros and cons of the Google Ads campaign and mix it with other Digital Marketing strategies

Ideal for those who want to get results in the short term, the Google Ads campaign works fast, since it is a hiring service. Therefore, there is a period in which the ad will be featured and generate quick clicks on your website, with the objective of increase leads and sales. Having your products and/or services in the world's main virtual showcase is a huge opportunity to improve your visibility, make more people aware of your work and contribute to increase sales and revenue.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that the Google Ads campaign has a high cost when maintained in the long term, since it will need to be renewed every time the first campaign “expires”, implying additional costs proportionally to the number of clicks. In this sense, it is also important to consider both working with organic search, which guarantees greater stability in the positioning of keywords without any sort of contract, and eventually, carrying out a Google Ads campaign for promotions, seasonal dates, etc.

If you are interested and want to hire a company to carry out a Google Ads campaign, count on Quality IMS, which has been in the Digital Marketing business for over a decade and has supported more than 500 customers.

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