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Facebook Paid Ad

Facebook Paid Ad

Created by the North American entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the social media with the highest number of active users in the world, leading the then former programmer to the status of one of the world most successful business person. Due to the intense virtual traffic of users looking for connections and entertainment, the platform is also one of the first option of companies and brands searching for the dissemination of products and services. Hence, if you are looking for Facebook paid ad and want to know more about how to do it, keep reading and understand how Quality IMS can help you.

Learn more about Facebook Paid Ad and understand how it can help your business grow!

The Facebook Paid Ad is an excellent tool for promoting your brand or company, consisting of an investment with a pre-established value, which will have a predicted reach and a period of placement on the network. However, to attain a necessary and expected success is necessary to carry out an in-depth study to optimize the target audience segmentation as much as possible, after all, the same product is not interesting for all people rather than just pay for the resource and wait for customers to come it.

In order to be successful in running a Facebook paid ad, it is important to have professionals duly specialized and certified in the development of monetised link campaigns, and that is where Quality IMS's work comes into play. With more than a decade of activity in the field of Digital Marketing, the company has a properly trained social network staff, ready to develop assertive and profitable campaigns, aiming to reach the target audience of your brand or company at the time of product broadcasting and services.

Count on Quality IMS for the development of Facebook paid ad campaigns

Facebook Paid ad makes possible to target several sorts of data, such as gender, age group, education, region, pages of interest, among other information. From this place, Facebook paid ad campaigns are resourcefully created, allowing a complete optimization of the financial investment, in order to obtain the best percentage of return. Therefore, if you are looking for a team specialized in monetised link campaigns, count on Quality IMS!

Quality IMS has its own headquarters in Miami, metropolitan region of Florida, and provides services to companies throughout the national territory, having as main pillars of its work the organic positioning of websites on the first page of Google, development of responsive and intuitive layouts, based on UX and UI principles, and indeed, on the creation of monetised link campaigns, encompassing Instagram, Google Ads and Facebook paid ad.

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