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Digital Advertising Company

Digital Advertising Company

Brands and companies that do not make investments on digital marketing are missing out great opportunities to expand their business, break down geographic barriers, and reach new potential customers through the virtual universe.

If you want to consolidate a digital presence using platforms and resources that can increase your revenues, read on to learn about the work of Quality IMS, an important digital advertising company that has several resources to consolidate your site on the first page of Google so that your products and/or services can be easily found.

Learn how a digital advertising company can help boost your sales:

With more than 10 years in operation, Quality IMS is a digital advertising company that has always focused on drawing in new customers through the Internet, even before the popularization of smartphones and the significant increase of users on the Brazilian Web. Having good visibility on search engines like Google used to be a differential, but competition has increased exponentially, and today it is a determining factor for the success of your business.

As a digital advertising company, we focus our efforts on the responsiveness of your website so that achieves superior ranks in Google's organic search: many people don't know, but there are more than 290 parameters established by the W3C that work as a 'code of good conduct' for websites.

The more a site meets these parameters, the better rated it is in search engines like Google, and the greater the chances that potential customers will find it on the first page when searching for keywords related to your products and services, so it is important to count on a digital advertising company like Quality IMS, which provides services for more than 500 companies in B2B and B2C segments.

We are a digital advertising company that also works with Google Ads and social networks!

Besides focusing on the organic positioning of your site, Quality is a digital advertising company that also works with social networks and Google Ads: we have a social network staff to monitor and manage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, duly certified by Google to create monetised link campaigns, which requires extensive knowledge of target audience segmentation to be successful.

Should you like to learn more about each of our digital advertising company's services, send us a message via chat so we can help boost your results by establishing your brand's digital presence.

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