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Appear First on Google

Appear First on Google

With an increasingly competitive market, companies from different sectors and sizes have increasingly invested in digital marketing, aiming to appear first on Google, the main Internet search engine worldwide. For this, it is ideal to rely on the work of a company focused on internet marketing systems, as is the case of Quality IMS, which is emphasized in organic search.

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A significant number of professional of internet have already realized that having your website pages well positioned can generate a quick market response to your products and services. Appearing first on Google has been then the objective of a considerable number of companies that want to leverage the outcomes of their business. Nevertheless, achieving a relevant positioning on Google pages can happen in two manners: through monetized links or using SEO, which generate organic results.

The monetized link is a paid search model that works with the purchase of certain keywords through Google Ads, a paid advertising service to appear first on Google. Such sort of disclosure entails a simple way of discernment in relation to organic results, since purchased keywords occupy the first positions in the ranking to appear first on Google, followed by a box with the information 'Ad', making it explicit that it refers to monetized words.

Learn why appearing first on Google through organic results can be more effective than through sponsored links!

One of the main issues with appearing first on Google in monetized ads is that the payment method is made in the pay-per-click model (pay per click, in literal translation), which has its pros and cons: while you will only pay when you get the clicks, there is no guarantee that the access will generate an effective conversion, that is, there is no certainty that the users who clicked on your ad are interested in buying or contracting, in fact, your product or service.

Another point worth mentioning in appearing first on Google through sponsored links is that, sometimes, there is great distrust on the part of the user who recognizes the paid ad. Texts that are well positioned in an organic way convey greater credibility, because even if they do not occupy the first results, they are there due to the relevance of the content presented, which deliveries greater autonomy to the website. For further information and to hire a service to obtain organic results at an excellent cost-benefit ratio, contact us!

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