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Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google

Google is the world's largest search engine. It receives billions of searches every month, making users' lives easier and providing answers in fractions of seconds. However, beyond simply addressing questions, Google is an important tool for companies that want to expand their business and consolidate a digital presence. For this reason, advertising on Google has been increasingly requested, with the aim of boosting business results and increasing sales opportunities for companies and brands.

Traditional advertising vs. advertising on Google

Extensively, people had contact with traditional advertising (the one made in radios and TVs during program breaks, you know?) which, in a way, monopolized the market due to its high cost, which was only compatible with the budget of large companies. With the emergence and popularization of the Internet, other ways of serving ads to promote products and services have emerged, and advertising on Google is one of the main tools of the market as it allows directly targeting the audience.

Think about it: having a commercial aired on TV or on the radio can bring a good projection to companies and brands, but will it really be that all the people watching at that moment are interested in that product or service? Or even your company’s target audience?

Advertising on Google can be carried through monetised link campaigns and organic search work.

Therefore, advertising on Google emerges as a viable alternative, since Google Ads campaigns allow you to segment the entire target audience by gender, age group, demographics, and even by consumer behavioural aspects.

In addition to advertising on Google through Google Ads, which are the monetised ad campaigns, another method to gain visibility is the organic search. While in monetised link campaigns your site appears in the first Google results, followed by an ad warning, the work of organic search can help position your site in the other positions of this same first page.

What are the advantages of advertising on Google with organic search?

One of the main advantages of advertising on Google with organic search is that there is no hiring of space for a specific time, as it happens with Google Ads, in which customers remunerate so that the ads will run for a previously number of days to pre-stipulated set of people, for a pre-set budget.

As the name implies, the organic search consists of positioning your site organically (naturally) on the first page of Google, working differently from the CPC model (Cost per click) of the monetised link. Whether in organic search or Google Ads, Quality IMS can help you to advertise on Google to leverage the results of your business!

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