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Advertising Company

Advertising Company

If you are looking for an advertising company specializing in digital marketing, we invite you to know the work of Quality IMS. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the field, being one of the precursors of activities related to SEO techniques and organic search in Brazil. Throughout all this time in activity, we have already provided services to companies in the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) sectors, establishing a strong digital presence and leveraging the results of their visibility in search engines such as Google.

What to consider when hiring an advertising company?

When hiring an advertising company, certainly several concerns come to mind and it is necessary to do a thorough research, after all it demands a significant financial investment. Such important and vital activity as brand marketing must be developed by reliable and trustworthy partner. It is also imperative to consider factors such as experience and time on the market, in order to work with proper safekeeping measures.

Quality IMS, for example, is an advertising company that has been working with digital marketing for over a decade and has closely trailed the expansion of the Internet in Brazil and the popularization of smartphones, which has made digital marketing an essential tool for companies to and brands reach their respective audiences online, eliminating geographic barriers and increasing their sales opportunities.

We established ourselves as an advertising company with work focused on digital marketing, as we thoroughly understand the importance that internet lies for companies and we also understand the mechanisms of target audience segmentation as extremely assertive resources, allowing companies and industries of any segment or size to invest in online advertising without the stratospheric expenditures of conventional ad medias such as radio and TV.

Get to know a little more about the work of Quality IMS, an advertising company with extensive experience in digital marketing!

As an advertising company, Quality IMS emphasizes that its main pillars are the organic search, which consists of producing content and optimizing the website based on parameters established by the W3C and by Google itself, so that your company’s audience can find your website through the relevant terms that people regularly search and words that describe the website and/or services. Such contents are important to your business without relying exclusively on Google Ads, which requires a greater investment.

In case you are interested and bidding to know more about Quality IMS's work as an advertising company focused on digital marketing, contact us via chat or fill out the form so that we can help you!

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