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Ad on Google

Ad on Google

If you want to improve your digital presence and increase sales opportunities through the Internet, ad on Google can be an excellent alternative, considering that it is the largest search engine in the world and that it is also possible to do all the target audience segmentation to find your viewers.

What a portion of professionals don't know is that ad on Google can be done not only through campaigns with monetized link, but also through an organic search work. In order to better understand the functioning of an ad on Google, allow us to explain a little about Google Ads and organic search.

Unravelling Ad on Google with Google Ads and Organic Search

The ad on Google through Google Ads is the most well-known tool and consists of hiring specific keywords for a certain period: when users search for the contracted terms, your website will appear in the first results of the first page. With Google Ads, it is possible to segment your target audience based on gender, age group, location, demographic and even behavioural data, in addition to making audience reach more flexible, matching to the amount that will be invested: the higher the financial amount, more people will be reached by the ad.

When we talk about ad on Google by means of the work of organic search, it already works in a different way, since there is no a simple hiring of a specific ad, but a work of optimization and responsiveness of your website and content production based on words keywords relevant to your business, considering SEO techniques.

It is not a common knowledge, but there is a web standardization organization, the W3C, which establishes more than 290 parameters for creating an ideal website: the more you meet these parameters, the more your website is optimized, and most realistic are the chances of it organically position itself on the first page of Google. In addition to the optimization and responsiveness of the website itself, a whole job of producing content is done based on SEO and keywords related to your products and services.

Count on Quality IMS for ad on Google and increase your sales opportunities!

Whether for ad on Google through monetised link campaigns or organic search, Quality IMS can help you in both cases: we have programmers, web developers, copywriters, designers, social media and professionals duly certified to create ads on Google Ads.

Contact us for more information and learn how Quality IMS can help your business grow!

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